GateGate Intercom System Intercoms 101

Security and convenience are top priorities for any owner of a gate. Have it be a business or a home. In order to achieve this level of comfort, you would need yourself a new gate intercom system. Similarly to having several choices with gates, you also have several choices with gate intercom systems. All the information you need is below:

Residential Intercom

Most of us have residential gates, so the perfect choice for you would be the residential intercom system. Simple mechanics, the guest pulls up to the system and calls into the residence. In like manner, the person inside the house grants you access with a code, or denies you. Adding this for extra security measures is very valuable for you.

Programmable Intercom

The most common intercom of the group, usually used for both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to being the most common, it is also the most convenient unit. A keypad is installed right outside the gate, and the guest must punch in a code to enter the property. Additionally, you can also change the code periodically for extra safety measures.

Auto Dialer Intercom

Large apartment complexes usually tend to go with the auto dialers. No matter what type of gate you have, gaining entry through the gate is done in a similar fashion as the residential intercoms. Call the person you are visiting and they choose to grant you access into the property. No codes, no fuss, just a simple phone call.

Gate Intercom System

All things considered, we highly recommend you install yourself a brand new intercom system. Don’t hesitate when it comes to safety and the security of your home or business. If you have any questions or want to setup and appointment for free consultation. Give us a call at (805) 504-9467.